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Item # 68-1615, Soywax 120

Soy Wax 120 is a blend of partially hydrogenated soybeans with soybean oil. This product is ideal for container candles that have excellent fragrance retention, good adhesion to the container walls, with good cold and hot throw characteristics. With a pouring temperature of approximately 150 F it only requires one pouring with no top off to produce excellent candles. Soy Wax 120 is compatible with Palm Stearic Acid and Beeswax. The addition of these waxes tend to allow you to increase your fragrance amount. It is non-petroleum and is completely biodegradable. This wax is available in flake form in poly-lined bags




Package Size (lbs)


Package Type


Melting Point

125-126 ºF (D-127 ASTM Methods)

Flash Point

550 ºF Min. (D-93 ASTM Methods)





Penetration @ 77 °F

45 (D-1321 ASTM Methods)
1 Visual ASTM Methods
2 D-1833 Methods

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