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Item # 62-1033, Powdered Montan Wax

Montan Wax is derived from lignite which is vegetable matter partly mineralized to a product related to bituminous coal. The lignite from which Montan Waxes are extracted is found chiefly in Central Europe.

The method of extraction and refining is accomplished by extracting the waxy part from the lignite after it has been crushed to a powder form with the use of selective solvents. The wax is then further refined.

Grades Available: Powdered (German origin)

Compatable with: Vegetable Waxes, Resins and Hydrocarbon Waxes.

Montan Wax is FDA Approved for the end uses indicated under Regulation 21 CFR 175.105 & 21 CFR 177.2600
CTFA Listed
C.A.S No. 8002-53-7




Package Size (lbs)


Package Type


Melting Point

165 - 175 ºC (Bleached Montan Wax)
83 - 89 ºC (German- Crude)

Saponification Number

30 - 45 (Bleached Montan Wax)
74 - 104 (German- Crude)

Acid Number

3 - 8 (Bleached Montan Wax)
20 - 38 (German- Crude)


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Defoaming Agent

Mold Release



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