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Paraffin Wax

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Fully refined Paraffin Waxes are a hard, white crystalline material derived from petroleum. They are refined by means of a carefully controlled selective solvent process into different melting point grades, each having exceptional gloss and resistance to blocking. Their degree of purity and low odor make these waxes suitable for many applications, including food packaging.

Paraffin waxes are predominately composed of normal, straight chain hydrocarbons. They vary from 18 to 40 carbon atoms and their chain length (i.e. molecular weight) determines their average melting point. Resistance to most acids and alkalis is very good.

Paraffin Waz Typical End Uses: Food Wrap, Corrugated Containers, Nursery Stock, Candles, Textiles, Cheese and Vegetable Coatings, Hot Melt Adhesives and Coatings, Cosmetics, Inks and Polishes.

Fully Refined Petroleum Waxes are F.D.A. Approved for the end uses indicated under Regulation 21 CFR 178.3710 C.T.F.A. Listed CAS No's that apply 64742-43-4 64742-51-4

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Package Size (lbs)

Package Type

Typical Melting Point

60-0044 Paraffin Wax 140/145 Slabs 50 Carton 142 ºF
60-0134 Paraffin Wax 130/135 Slabs 50 Carton 131 ºF
60-0164 Paraffin Wax 118/125 Slabs 60 Carton 121 ºF
60-0254 Paraffin Wax 125/130 Slabs 50 Carton 128 ºF
60-0264 Paraffin Wax 150/155 Slabs 52 Carton 152 ºF
75-130B Paraffin Wax 128/130 Prills 50 Bag 131 ºF
75-145B Paraffin Wax 140/145 Prills 50 Bag 142 ºF
75-165B Paraffin Wax 150/160 Prills 50 Bag 152 ºF
  Results 1 - 8 of 8 1 
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